Confessions of a Skeptic

28 10 2009


I have to come clean up front and say that I have been very skeptical and even critical of Bloggers.  What is the point, and who wants to know what someone else is doing anyway?  But I am realizing that maybe there are some good uses for a blog.

It dawned on me the other day that maybe there was something that I could do with a blog that would be helpful and practical. Hence the title of “Where The Rubber Hits The Road.”

For a while now I have talked to Cliff about doing something to let those who attend Freedom and others who listen to our podcast have more information, resources, and practical ideas of how to apply what we are teaching to their lives.  So, maybe this blog is an avenue to do just such a thing.

In my next posts, I will be trying to offer the things that I mentioned above; resources, ideas, maybe message outlines, and practical helps for life application.  Hopefully others will comment and add ideas and resources that they have found and this really could become a real learning community.

I look forward to giving this a try.  Check back soon!  Leave a comment!

Serving with you,





9 responses

30 10 2009

Hey Donny-
This is great! I look forward to following along and providing you guidance that can only come from above 😉

30 10 2009
Shelley Kauffman

I look forward to sharing resource along side of you to help others as we journey through this thing called life!

30 10 2009
Vickey Byrd

Hi Donny,
Thank you for this! I am excited about what you are going to do here! I know a lot of people are looking for more of God and how to get more information. It also helps us to feel that we know you a little more and what is on your mind! You and Shelley have been a great blessing to the Byrd’s and we appreciate all that you guys do for us!
Be Blessed,
Vickey Byrd

30 10 2009


Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Be skeptical, be truthful, be honest but most importantly be true to your goal…Share God.

Can’t wait to see what is in store for us all with your blog.

30 10 2009
Crissy kemp

I am real excited about this & I am very thankful that God has led my family to be part of His family at Freedom Fellowship. I will pray that He will use this “blog” to help others right where they are!!

30 10 2009
Joy Davis

Hey Donny,
I think this is GREAT!! Although Cliff thinks only seven (eight on a good day) read his blog, alot of us really do. I’m glad we can also stay connected, updated and inspired through yours now. Thanks for all you do.

31 10 2009
Cliff Marshall

Now all you need to do is open a Twitter account! 😉

3 11 2009
Sonya Wiren

So glad to find out about this, Donny. Thanks for venturing into uncharted waters for our sakes. It is appreciated.

Sonya & Ken Wiren

4 11 2009
Chris Wellmon

Thanks for sharing your faith and thoughts with us. Also, Thank you and Cliff for your leadership. Robin and I are so glad to be partners at Freedom.
I look forward to using your top ten reading list as a guide for books to read.

God Bless you for all you do

Chris and Robin

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