2 11 2009

Want to get personal?  In today’s culture there is what seems to be a desire for people to know and be known.  Face book fans tell all about themselves and their family and post it to a world of people mostly unknown.  We blog(now I am in on that) and twitter(don’t know if I will get there or not) to let people know us better.  But it is ironic that when it comes to talking about an area that really reveals someone personally we get uncomfortable.  Of course I am talking about the financial area of our lives.

Cliff’s sermon was awesome on this topic.  If you did not hear the sermon, you will not want to miss it.  Click here to get the message(usually up by Tuesday)

Here is one thing I know.  Most Christians do not set out to rob God and miss out on blessings intentionally by not tithing.  It just seems to happen because priorities get out of whack.  Some things purchased with monthly payments, lifestyles upgraded to match parents or friends, phone, cable, internet, kid’s events, eating out often, coffee, and those other things that “we can not live without”.(HA,HA)

At any rate, I believe that there are people who just feel like there is no way that they can start tithing now, especially because of the bills, etc…  Maybe you are one of them.  If so, I would love to help.  Contact me and we can sit down and make a plan to get you there:; 230-3207.  Or I can refer you to others who can help as well.

Here are some other resources to help in the financial/spiritual area:

  1. Dave Ramsey’s book, “Total Money Make Over” has great information.  If you don’t want to purchase it, I have 1 copy to let someone borrow(First come first served)
  2. Check out Joe Sangl’s Website.   Similar to Dave Ramsey.  I don’t agree with everything he has on his sight, but he does have some helpful tools.
  3. Read “Margins” by Richard Swensen to help with priorities and getting margin in finances to be able to give.
  4. Read “The Hole In Our Gospel” by Richard Stearns.  Cliff referenced it and it is also on my Top Ten Must Reads.

Hope this helps.  Check back tomorrow for more thoughts on Money and tithing.

Serving with you,





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