It’s your story

17 11 2009

As Cliff said Sunday, “the only testimony you need is yours.”  How true.

Moruti James, pastor of  Old Naledi Baptist Fellowship in Botswana, visited our church offices a few weeks ago and shared a few things about his life and testimony.  One of the things that impressed me was the fact that the day after he got saved, he went back to his work site and began to tell others what Jesus had done for him.  He did not worry about what others would think or say.  He had experienced the POWER of God through Jesus Christ, and he could not keep it a secret.

Unfortunately, many of us grew up being led to believe that in order to witness for Jesus we had to take a class or memorize some dialogue.  Those things have their place, but what really qualifies us to be able to witness for Jesus is our personal relationship with Him.  It is our story of what Jesus has done for us by saving us, and no one can argue with that.

Don’t ever forget that the power of any testimony is not what you used to be or even what you will become.  The power of any testimony is what Jesus has done on the cross for us.  That is what we have to tell.  That is what people need to hear.

Moruti James went right back to the work site God had placed him in to be a witness.  Post an encouraging comment.  How are you being a witness where God has placed you?




One response

23 11 2009
Mark Johnson

Donny- I struggle with that often. Yes, we are all missionaries-) we have a story to tell of His Amazing Grace. We were dead and he saved us- we should act like it. Too many times we let complications distort and delay the simple message that carries such power.

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