The Power of God’s Word

25 11 2009

Sunday’s worship time was awesome!

The self-directed time of reading and prayer was very powerful.  Every time we do this I am reminded that we have to be careful of thinking that certain things need to happen in a worship service in order for it to be “good”.  My favorite music MUST be played.  People have to be friendly to me.  The message better be entertaining so I won’t fall asleep.(this is when I preach; not Cliff)

I am thankful that we have different elements in a service to help draw us close to God, but it is always refreshing to be reminded that God and His word are really enough.  This made me think again about the amount of time I spend reading God’s word.

Although I do read regularly, I decided I was going to be even a little more intentional about it.  I went to Bible Gateway and chose a reading plan to go through the Bible in 90 days.  I read the scripture right off my computer.  I can’t do it in 15 minutes, but I can say that I have read major portions of scripture in the last three days and it has been great.

Would anyone like to join me?  Let me know what you are already doing, or if you are going to start with a reading plan.




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