Write it Down

19 11 2009

I hope you have been thinking about YOUR STORY.

I want to encourage you to do something if you never have.  When it comes to your story, have you even written it down?  I mean, like Dave Ramsey says about the budget, on paper on purpose.  I challenge you to do it.  It is not as easy as you might think, but it is very rewarding.  Here is a general guideline: 1) Your life before Jesus. 2) How did you give your life to Jesus? (don’t fret if you think it is not dramatic) 3) How has Jesus changed you?  Give it a try.

On another note, watch this short clip from Francis Chan about playing it safe.  If we are going to be a witness where God has placed us, and  if we are going to live like ALL followers of Christ are really missionaries, then there is no playing it safe.

Serving with you,



It’s your story

17 11 2009

As Cliff said Sunday, “the only testimony you need is yours.”  How true.

Moruti James, pastor of  Old Naledi Baptist Fellowship in Botswana, visited our church offices a few weeks ago and shared a few things about his life and testimony.  One of the things that impressed me was the fact that the day after he got saved, he went back to his work site and began to tell others what Jesus had done for him.  He did not worry about what others would think or say.  He had experienced the POWER of God through Jesus Christ, and he could not keep it a secret.

Unfortunately, many of us grew up being led to believe that in order to witness for Jesus we had to take a class or memorize some dialogue.  Those things have their place, but what really qualifies us to be able to witness for Jesus is our personal relationship with Him.  It is our story of what Jesus has done for us by saving us, and no one can argue with that.

Don’t ever forget that the power of any testimony is not what you used to be or even what you will become.  The power of any testimony is what Jesus has done on the cross for us.  That is what we have to tell.  That is what people need to hear.

Moruti James went right back to the work site God had placed him in to be a witness.  Post an encouraging comment.  How are you being a witness where God has placed you?

Lessons on Prayer

13 11 2009

Every time I hear a child pray, I am reminded of how I try to make prayer complicated.

Our family had supper out last night, and Jonathan (my 5 year old) wanted to pray for the food.  This was his prayer:

“God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food.  God, we know that you are great and that you are over all our community.  And we know that the number to the right of the negatives are positives.  Amen.”

Jonathan has learned that God really is interested in all aspects of his life.  He is always excited to share with God things that he is learning and thoughts he is having without the adult fear of being inappropriate.  I wish I did that more often.

Take time today to talk to God about your life.  Don’t worry if the prayer is not well constructed or “Proper”.  I think we might be surprised how good it feels to just be “real” with God.

Thoughts on possessions

5 11 2009

Here are some things to think about that have challenged me concerning posessions:

  • If 10% is a tithe, that means that if I can not live on 90% of what I make I am living beyond my means.
  • If  I try to do any savings around 10% as well, then I should be able to live on 80%.
  • Do I have any possessions that I am not willing to let go of?
  • If I am not giving now, would I really give if I had MORE money?  Those who are faithful with little. …

If you want some scripture references and a few more thought on possessions, click here for sermon notes from a message I did about having a healthy attitude toward possessions.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday.  You will not want to miss!

Serving with you,


Who is in control?

3 11 2009

Who is in control of the financial area of your life?  I am not asking who writes the checks at your house, or even who brings home the bacon.  The reality is, as Cliff mentioned Sunday, we either control money or we are controlled by it.

I have found in my own life that I am more apt to control money when I operate on a budget.  As Dave Ramsey says, “we put it on paper on purpose”.  The money is going to go somewhere, so it just works better if I tell it where to go.  Take the poll below and be honest.  Only the percentages will be published.

A budget is a great place to start to make sure that you stay in control.   Let me know if you need help.  You can also click here for tools.

What other advice or comments do you have concerning how you stay in control of your money?  Leave a comment.


2 11 2009

Want to get personal?  In today’s culture there is what seems to be a desire for people to know and be known.  Face book fans tell all about themselves and their family and post it to a world of people mostly unknown.  We blog(now I am in on that) and twitter(don’t know if I will get there or not) to let people know us better.  But it is ironic that when it comes to talking about an area that really reveals someone personally we get uncomfortable.  Of course I am talking about the financial area of our lives.

Cliff’s sermon was awesome on this topic.  If you did not hear the sermon, you will not want to miss it.  Click here to get the message(usually up by Tuesday)

Here is one thing I know.  Most Christians do not set out to rob God and miss out on blessings intentionally by not tithing.  It just seems to happen because priorities get out of whack.  Some things purchased with monthly payments, lifestyles upgraded to match parents or friends, phone, cable, internet, kid’s events, eating out often, coffee, and those other things that “we can not live without”.(HA,HA)

At any rate, I believe that there are people who just feel like there is no way that they can start tithing now, especially because of the bills, etc…  Maybe you are one of them.  If so, I would love to help.  Contact me and we can sit down and make a plan to get you there: donny@freedomfellowshipsc.com; 230-3207.  Or I can refer you to others who can help as well.

Here are some other resources to help in the financial/spiritual area:

  1. Dave Ramsey’s book, “Total Money Make Over” has great information.  If you don’t want to purchase it, I have 1 copy to let someone borrow(First come first served)
  2. Check out Joe Sangl’s Website.   Similar to Dave Ramsey.  I don’t agree with everything he has on his sight, but he does have some helpful tools.
  3. Read “Margins” by Richard Swensen to help with priorities and getting margin in finances to be able to give.
  4. Read “The Hole In Our Gospel” by Richard Stearns.  Cliff referenced it and it is also on my Top Ten Must Reads.

Hope this helps.  Check back tomorrow for more thoughts on Money and tithing.

Serving with you,


Confessions of a Skeptic

28 10 2009


I have to come clean up front and say that I have been very skeptical and even critical of Bloggers.  What is the point, and who wants to know what someone else is doing anyway?  But I am realizing that maybe there are some good uses for a blog.

It dawned on me the other day that maybe there was something that I could do with a blog that would be helpful and practical. Hence the title of “Where The Rubber Hits The Road.”

For a while now I have talked to Cliff about doing something to let those who attend Freedom and others who listen to our podcast have more information, resources, and practical ideas of how to apply what we are teaching to their lives.  So, maybe this blog is an avenue to do just such a thing.

In my next posts, I will be trying to offer the things that I mentioned above; resources, ideas, maybe message outlines, and practical helps for life application.  Hopefully others will comment and add ideas and resources that they have found and this really could become a real learning community.

I look forward to giving this a try.  Check back soon!  Leave a comment!

Serving with you,